Curtis Ewers

Chief Executive Officer

Curtis Ewers brings over 15 years of experience supporting midstream, upstream and petroleum refining in addition to comprehensive regulatory compliance, an environment where rules and regulations merge with corporate strategy. Curtis provided governmental lobbying, field monitoring, regulatory reporting and operational support across the petroleum sector involving a high degree of relevant knowledge of operational compliance to include gas processing, fractionation, crude oil production and refining, hazardous liquid pipelines along with safety analysis and management of these operations, thereby engaging all stakeholders to ensure regulatory compliance with local, state, and federal regulations. Curtis oversaw assets that incorporated over 8,000 miles of gathering and transmission lines in multiple States, to integrate terminals, storage facilities, processing plants, transport fleets, refineries and water infrastructure. Curtis has managed policy implementation, personnel training and communication to align with overall corporate strategy to reduce costs, manage regulatory risk and maintain project timing.

Curtis has a broad understanding of midstream legal and regulatory systems, particularly those related to evolving regulations and permitting sensitivities. He has performed compliance related audits, due diligence of midstream M&A assets and successfully helped to commission new pipelines, processing/storage facilities and pump stations along with managing the public relations that can go along with these activities. Most recently, Curtis has focused his attention to legislative rules related forums to help shape regulatory oversight that is fundamental to the progress of the industry while developing relationships with numerous lobby groups, State reps, and trade associations.